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Note 1670153 - Unauthorized modification in ITS-Services in SWP.

Главная Специалистам База уязвимостей Note 1670153 - Unauthorized modification in ITS-Services in SWP.

Карточка уязвимости

Характеристики уязвимости

Уровень опасности
Оценка CVSS
Производитель ПО
Наименование ПО
SAP Notes (1670153-2) SAP Support Packages (SAPKH50027, SAPKH60022, SAPKH60212, SAPKH60311, SAPKH60412, SAPKH60509, SAPKH60603)
ITS Service/s (ME_SWP, ME_SWP_ALERT, ME_SWP_CO, ME_SWP_GUI, ME_SWP_IV ,  ME_SWP_PDI, ME_SWP_PH, ME_SWP_SRI) within IS-A-SWP does not sufficiently  encode OUTPUT parameters, resulting in a cross-site scripting issue.

Cross-site scripting can be used to steal another user's authentication  information, such as data relating to their current session. A malicious  user who gains access to this data may use it to impersonate the user  and access all information with the same rights as the target user.

If an administrator is impersonated, the security of the application may be fully compromised.
Как исправить
Please apply this note or import the changes via the relevant support
The corrections of this note do only have an protecting effect if the corrections of notes 1621946 and 1488500 are implemented.

|Manual Post-Implement.                                                |
|VALID FOR                                                             |
|Software Component   SAP_APPL                      SAP Application   |
| Release 500          SAPKH50001 - SAPKH50026                         |
| Release 600          SAPKH60001 - SAPKH60021                         |
| Release 602          Until SAPKH60211                                |
| Release 603          Until SAPKH60310                                |
| Release 604          SAPKH60401 - SAPKH60411                         |
| Release 605          Until SAPKH60508                                |
| Release 606          SAPKH60601 - SAPKH60602                         |

Execute the report RITS_XSS_PARAM_ME_SWP* which is attached in the corresponding correction instructions and specify when requested a corresponding transport request number. The report will add service parameters for the adapted ITS services (maintained via the GUI configuration pushbutton for a service within transaction SICF).
Note 1671334 - Security: XSS vulnerability in SAP GUI for HTML Note 1341333 - Potential info. disclosure and code execution in sapdbctrl